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Who is Dave Emerson? And Who Is Paying Him? | Warren Kusumoto Must Go

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Who is Dave Emerson? And Who Is Paying Him?

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First let’s look at the facts…

Beginning back in 2008, the Los Alamitos City Council majority, controlled at the time by former one term councilman and puppeteer Arthur Debolt, suddenly acquired an acute interest in the city’s long time lucrative contract for waste collection.

Mr. Debolt’s cast of characters included at the time; Mayor Ken Parker, the infamous Catherine “Cat” Driscoll and current Los Alamitos Mayor Geri-Graham Mejia.

Ken Parker back then was observed on many an occasion meeting with Mr. Debolt nearly every Monday prior to a City Council meeting in a local coffee shop where Debolt and Parker would peruse through the agenda so Parker would be well scripted for his City Council meetings.

The now infamous “Cat” Driscoll, possibly best known for submitting reimbursement requests from the taxpayers for a tooth brush and coffee, who most recently received notoriety for driving her vehicle off of the 605 freeway off ramp, through a tree at Katella. Of course after her hospital visit was charged with driving under the influence.
Her husband, by the way, a former supporter/mouthpiece for both Debolt and Dave Emerson has apparently up and left the community.

And last but not least, our controversial current Mayor Geri-Graham Mejia who is under fire for spending our taxpayer dollars on unneeded improvements to the alley behind the apartment where  she currently resides. And was caught using “Customer Only” parking spaces on a private business parking lot to park her personal vehicle! Of course while violating Los Alamitos municipal codes.

Together, these three decided they would begin shopping for trash haulers under the guise of bringing savings to the residence and businesses of Los Alamitos. As we can now ascertain this was nothing more than a well-orchestrated ploy to undermine prominent business and residents of the City of Los Alamitos, while creating an income loophole for a few of their partners in crime accentuating their income.

Unfortunately for them the flaw in their plan was the fact that Parker and Driscoll failed to get reelected. The good people of Los Alamitos saw thru this scheme and voted them out of office!

In 2009, the new City Council now comprised of good honest residents without personal agendas went thru a selection process thus providing Los Alamitos residents with a fair trash contract. This contract, an integral part of the city budget was approved and currently provides residents with some of the lowest residential rates for trash collection in the county.

And now former failed council candidate and current Los Alamitos sworn Public Official (Traffic Commissioner) and self-proclaimed “UNLICENSED” Real Estate Broker Los Al’s own Dave Emerson was apparently personally soliciting his services to waste hauling companies during the procurement process.

After much research we have discovered that Mr. Emerson who also campaigned for accused Councilman Warren Kusumoto (this site’s namesake) who himself was investigated by his own colleagues for Brown-Act Violations and currently attempting to get reimbursed for the legal fees he incurred by Los Alamitos taxpayers!

We are told that Mr. Emerson was actually calling waste hauling companies presumably in hopes of hiring himself out as a waste consultant, the problem is…no reputable company would give him the time of day much less provide employment for him.

Finishing dead last in the 2008 Los Alamitos City Council election and being snubbed by waste hauling companies when he tried to offer up his services, apparently has fueled an anger in him that can only be described as malicious and irrational based on his conduct towards community leaders and elected officials. He has even tried to establish himself as a community blogger attempting to sell ads which apparently haven’t worked out so well for him either.

Which bring us to today’s question; why would embattled Los Alamitos traffic commissioner Dave Emerson care about who administrates the trash contract for the city of Cypress? Or any other city for that matter? Based on his association with Art Debolt and Mr. Debolt’s history of trash litigation there is only one logical answer…

One would only care about events happening in a city where he has no business and is not a resident for one reason and one reason only…SADLY, someone must be paying him. Who? we do not know, but eventually we will find out.

So who do they come up with as a patsy to show up for them at a recent Cypress City Council meeting?

How about resurrecting a long forgotten retread and City Council critic who helped lead a failed recall attempt way back in the early 90′s of three (3) Cypress council members who voted to approve the construction of a building which is home to one of Cypress’ largest revenue generating businesses as well as one of the most philanthropic companies in all of Orange County.

This failed assault on three fine public servants cost Cypress residents tens of thousands of dollars in special election costs back then and would have resulted in tens of millions of dollars over the years in lost revenue to our Community’s Senior Citizen and Youth Programs had these evil people been successful with their crazy agenda as this fine Cypress corporate partner would now be located in another city.

Some of us can remember the Los Al trash scandal created by Dave Emerson and the lawsuits subsequently filed by Art Debolt who in an open meeting stood at the podium and boldly stated the dollar amount which he wanted to be paid to settle his lawsuit.

How was Mr. Debolt asking for a settlement amount benefiting anyone other than him and his cronies?

There only accomplishment was to cost the tiny City of Los Alamitos a fortune in legal fees and staff time.

No wonder the City of Los Alamitos has gone through 6 City Managers in the past 7 years!

So, now that the scam has been tested, tried and true, it’s time for these thug’s and their intimidation tactics to move on to their next victim, the City of Cypress!

Is Dave Emerson throughout his soliciting activities trying to fill his pockets once again? (and the pockets of the gang?) with dirty money…in the hopes that someone will hire him or possibly pay to shut him up?

Here’s a novel idea. Why don’t you go to Real Estate School and get a license?

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Wow! Now we understand, some people just cant let go, some people just cant create success on their own, the amount of tax money that Emerson, Mejia and Kusumoto along with Ivler and Debolt have cost the city of Los Al is a travesty! Have any of them even once made a public apology for the financial troubles that they have brought to the residents of our city? NO! they have not, they just keep stepping up to the podium meeting after meeting, with non-value added requests for ridiculous, redundant issues! Saddens us all…

When the trash contract was being litigated I looked up the so called lowest bidder that these clowns seemed to me to be in favor of. This is a company called Athens. Athens is a waste hauler who cannot get into Orange County. Presently Athens hauls the garbage for poor cities in the San Gabriel Valley. The owners of Athens were sent to jail back in the late 1980’s for bid rigging. As recent as a couple of years ago the DA for LA County was looking very seriously into Athens again. I went up before the Council meeting and stated that Athens should have been thrown out in the bidding for the trash contract as not a viable bidder based on the numerous law suits that were pending against Athens. Mejia then stated that Consolidated also had a number of law suits. What I wasn’t able to state after Mejia’s rant was that Consolidated is a large business while Athens is a small business and cannot be judged the same way. Consolidated could easily take care of the lawsuits while Athens could be hurt badly by them. I know that the bids were “weighted” to put them all on the same level. I also remember Mejia not really understanding the weights.

I was a purchasing agent in my career and that is why I was so interested in this matter. Why did the Mejia group want Athens to be winner? Why would the Mejia group want a small time operator like Athens in Los Al? Remember, Athens does not have “clean hands” is the way I see it.

There was something in it for those folks. That’s why it is important to elect people who are vested in the community. If you come out of nowhere or have never been involved in the community, then you have no name or reputation at stake. If you have gained nothing in life then you have nothing to lose.

Looks like “Truth-Let’s Fix Los Al is taking the administrator’s article and posting them on their website. They do say that to Copy someone is a sincerest form of flattery!

So can I pose a question? Dave can you refute the evidence proving your guilt about lying to the public and violating California Dept. of Real Estate Laws?

I’ve driven by the home listed on Linda Way in Los Alamitos and I’ve seen for myself your picture on the Sign and on the flyers located at the property! Dave seriously how are we supposed to take anything you say or do seriously?

How are we supposed to consider you a voice of the community when you cant come clean about the skeletons in your closet?

Now your meddling in Cypress over a trash contract and were supposed to believe your doing it to protect the citizens of Cypress???

Back off, focus on God and Family…Not a few penny’s from a dirty trash company who will pay you to go to bat for them, please don’t sell out just because your broke, ask the church or friends for help, before it’s to late.

I’m sure your network is quite large by now.
Maybe someone might have a job for you, so you can be a contributor at home and help the misses.

These people are so trying to pull off what they did in Los Alamitos, they cant accomplish anything there so they’re trying to push their agenda here, they act like they can control our trash contract lol! Emerson acts like he’s the president lol, No one cares old man! I cant come up with anymore words to describe this sad bunch.

Very nice post. So many correct points. I definitely appreciate this site. Thanks!

This is my first time visiting here and i am actually happy to read everything in one place. This person scares me!

This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something which helped
inform me about Los Al. Many thanks!

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