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Whats left of LFLA…

Posted by admin | Posted in City | Posted on 19-02-2014



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Witnessing the demise…………….

Comments (6)

LFLA Owner and fake Realtor Dave Emerson posted a story about integrity! isn’t that nice, the very person whose been working illegally in the Real Estate business for years, duping customers left and right.
Now he want’s, once again to bash Marilyn Poe, shame on you Dave! quit being a little bitch!

It doesn’t surprise me that Dave Emerson would be bashing Marilyn Poe. Ms. Poe has given so many hours of her time for St.Isdore’s revival and then this stupid group says she is doing something illegal. They don’t know what is illegal but Ms. Poe is doing something illegal. They love to say people are criminals with no punch behind them to state what she did was wrong. I’m very happy to see LFLA down again! Then this group can’t lie to the public about decent, law abiding people like Marilyn Poe!

Hey! There’s a new spin-off blog from the defunct site “Lets Fix Los Al” and it’s already being bashed, I don’t know who this Briggeman guys is but this Hubert character really has it out for him, seems really pathetic coming from a County employee! Can someone say “Get a Life Bro”!!! Doing our due diligence in reporting people, scroll all the way down to see the reply.

Basically it was a post from a Orange County employee kissing butt for his 2 or 3 friends who are trying to act like they have a following, meanwhile they are getting there butts handed to them, over and over, they are trying to fool the few followers they do have with the excuse of “We were planning on moving the Blog” Ya right, OK, whatever! They were forced to shut down due to the fact that they have been illegally bashing people for years, come out and tell your 2 or 3 viewers the TRUTH, C’mon Cigar Boy come clean! Tell the honest truth about why LETS FIX LOS AL disappeared, again even if you do…it still will fall on deaf ears! LOL!

Huberts A Douche March 2, 2014 at 12:40 am

As a tax payer in Orange County I am appalled at the activity that this county employee is engaged in, while working for the Orange County Fire Authority he pokes his nose into low level political banter while I’m paying him with my tax dollars, I’m sickened by this, does he not realize that he is supposed to be a county employee 24 hrs a day?, You represent lies and deceit about everyone and everything you object to or are jealous of, I wonder whom on the Orange County Board of Supervisors would be interested in knowing about your redundant slanderous comments on numerous blogs primarily on a site owned by one Dave Emerson for many years now. Hubert you cry and rant about decency!, what kind of sick little man would allow pics of his wife’s scarred naked breasts on the internet for the whole world to see, you are not inspiring, you with your comments and insinuations are doing the very same disgusting things you accuse others of, I guess your need for attention runs as deep as Emerson’s and “Cigar boys”. I’m sending your comments along with a formal complaint to your superiors.

Great find, I enjoy the http://truth-letsfixlosal.com/ site, it doesn’t portray a meddling, winner-like, jealous type of blog style. It’s informative and interesting. It’s funny that the “New” spin-off blog looks like it’s imitating the “Truth-LetsFixLosAl” site with story’s about goings on in and around the city…funny lol!

Well I guess I will identify myself as I am the Tooth brush lady. What I did was bring in a new toothbrush because one of the women on the council (either Mejia or Driscoll) bought everything they could on a junket and charged it to the City. I wanted to show how low these people would go and charge a toothbrush and I believe a newspaper to the City that was basically was being charged to US the taxpayers. These people will never let it go away, which is OK by me as it shows how much these jokers will charge anything and everything to the City! I do not have blind rage, I am a very nice person to everyone but not to the sicko members of the let’s fix Los Al group. These people have cost the City thousands of dollars with the lawsuit they brought, which didn’t change anything about the trash contract. I hope the Council gets its answer about how much money and time is wasted by staff answer Cigar’s questions. Cigar so wants to be on the Council but doesn’t have the guts to run– that’s my opinion.

What really gets me is that this group is again wanting “peace”. The last time they did this Troy Edgar tried to make it happen and then they filed the trash lawsuit. These jokers don’t know what “peace” is… when it only suits them. I think Edgar learned his lesson that these people cannot be trusted at all.

Glad these pieces of @#$% are done! now to get their asses out of City Council chambers, no one wants them there and their to dumb to even realize it! Pathetic bastards!!!

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