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Los Alamitos Gets an ‘F’ for Its Tobacco-Control Policies

So says the American Lung Association in a report released today. Posted by Penny Arévalo (Editor) , January 22, 2014 at 03:59 PM http://losalamitos.patch.com/groups/politics-and-elections/p/san-juan-capistrano-gets-an-f-for-its-tobaccocontrol-policies-losalamitos

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The Mejia’s are at it again, a new found low…

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We hear in the community she has been asking around for a free seat to the Americana Awards, one of the oldest and finest fundraising events in the OC!


…We just discovered that Mayor Mejia is trying to weasel a free seat to the prestigious Americana awards!

The Mejia family has decided to taint this fine event in the O.C. and disrespect the fine folks who are being recognized, the Mejia’s have never attended this event before and surely have never donated a penny. Now she’s out trying to get a free meal for her hubby, word has it she’s out in the community begging  local businesses for a free ticket! the same businesses she has bashed in the past she now is begging to provide a $250.0 seat for her traffic commissioner husband Javier,  these very same people for years now she has attacked from the dias!

Los Al citizens are angry about the fact that the city is already supporting her and her family, yet still Mayor Mejia is literally walking the streets looking for a handout for the American Awards event!

It would be a shame for one of our fine businesses to be associated with this corrupt activity! Please dont cave into this type of corruption, this is a disgrace!

Mayor Mejia, husband Javier the Traffic Commissioner please pay for your own ticket to the Americana Awards!



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Jesus Christ! You’ve got to be kidding me!

Yes it’s a fact! Never ceases to amaze us though!

Leave it up to one of our own to pull some crap like this!

Oy Vey! WTF is going on in tour city, I know the Americana Awards are shared and about alot of citys in the area but why does Los Alamitos always have to look like a flake!???
Come next election you guy’s better get this right!

Holy Crap! What do you expect? That ritzy function is a black tie event, held by some of the most prestigious Family’s in the O.C….and then there’s her!!! Yike’s I’m actually embarrassed for her, when she gets snubbed at the party by all the business she’s been bashing for quite awhile now.

I hope all the people who voted for her are able to read this report and hear about the goings on with this mess they call a leader! You people should be ashamed of yourself! In fact she should take Ivler and Emerson to the event, It would truly be a “Black Tie Duck Dynasty” gone wild kind of thing! LOL!

Great representation of our City people! Great Job! Keep up the good work!!! Really……This sucks!!! Javier Mejia buy your own ticket FOO!

Yes Sir! you’ll find it here!!!

Great site! Lot’s of information!

Wonder if our Mayor will be wearing a Tux?

Fat chance!! Lol!

This is really something! My sister won that award years ago and gets invited every year. I better warn my sister not to give this creep a ticket.

Well..our precious Mayor was a NO SHOW! It’s probably for the best. Not her cup of tea?

I’m glad she did not show up. I’ve been to a couple of these events and its just not her thing. She is such an embarrassment for our community.

Saw our Mayor at the Race for the Base event! Councilman Troy Edgar was running his butt off! Looking all healthy and disciplined, a great example for our city, the Mayor on the otherhand…not so much, it actually was kind of sad.

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