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Pundits??? | Warren Kusumoto Must Go

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Three Los Al City Officials Support Compost Heap At JFTB!

Yes it’s true! The facts don’t lie!… What do embattled Los Alamitos Mayor Geri-Graham Mejia, accused Councilman Warren Kusumoto,  and  “Internet Thumb Thug”/ Traffic Commissioner David Emerson all have in common? In spite of intense public outcry from residents of FOUR...

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Posted by admin | Posted in City, Councilman Kusumoto Brown Act Violation, Mayor Warren Kusumoto Los Alamitos, Quotes, Warren Kusumoto | Posted on 09-05-2014

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A pundit is supposed to be an expert that shares their knowledge with the public. Bloggers often feature political pundits. These people usually are experts in politics and offer their opinions of the day’s news stories. But not in Los Alamitos. all we seem to have is a bunch of unemployed, unsuccessful individuals utilizing cheap web hosting sites to spread their form of hate. Focusing on hindering a city’s progress is not an occupation. Lying about who you are, how much you earn and bragging about owning businesses which are facades is not a career or a real lifestyle. Being one paycheck away from being homeless is horribly sad.

Los Al will continue around you, as will Cypress. If it’s too much to handle…move.

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Can anybody explain to me what a Thrid grader is???

Placing yourself in a position where your ridiculed publicly is hilarious! Evolving into a serious blogger from a whining political baby isn’t what I would call the appropriate path to success.

I know what this is referencing… to me it appears that the LFLA has been destroyed, it never amounted to anything anyways. I remember going thru the archives from way back…truly a disgusting attack on anyone and everyone. They learned very quickly not to mess with influential people, Los Al is not a home for liars and losers.

Los Alamitos residents expect more from our citizens, drop the drama, why not give back like many of the people you bash on your little blog.

Ha! these little douchebags are trying their hand in Cypress now, their to stupid to realize that they’re just wasting their time, now bashing Bailey, maybe he’ll take it to them also!…ya I’m probably the only idiot reading that shit! Once again their washed up crap falls on deaf ears. lol!

Who the hell do these boys think they are? I’ve been perusing the stories from the archives and wow! Feel especially sorry for the families, the legacy they are leaving is one of shame and disgust as opposed to having an honest career making an honest buck…truly upsetting.

I can’t find them anywhere, I guess it’s best! Maybe they’ve decided to get jobs! What a concept huh?

I realize who you are referring to, Debolt, Ivler, and Emerson the Big Three of the other side. This is the side for lies and distortion. This is the side that has cost Los Al costly law suits that really didn’t change anything. I personally hope that Mejia and Kusumoto are thrown out of office at the next election.

Wow looks like the bully’s (or thumb thugs) that was kinda funny when I read it on Lets fix Los Al.com Truth, have met their match. I see the website is gone, I knew that was coming, I guess they have a new one? nothing like starting from scratch. One should have figured behaving in that sort of way would get you in more trouble than you can handle. Told you so.

It’s also not cool (at least where I come from) to have your wife work while you sit around all day playing bitch! Who does that? allows your woman to pay the bills and conduct all the other activities of the home while you sit on a computer 24/7!

Whaaaat! you mean to tell us that the old buzzards who stalk the Los Al council meetings and now the Cypress meetings (including that wrinkled old, Ben-Gay smelling Pardon) don’t even have jobs! Shit! I think that’s a crock. Well honey’s here in Cypress we back our civic leaders! We know thanks to Los Al Truth how your intention is to basically create another lawsuit just to pay your sorry ass bills! I DON’T THINK SO!

You can’t be a nerd and not have a job boys! Damn! Your discrediting fellow nerds across the world.

“Old and pathetic” is the new “Bright and political” lol!

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