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So sad to report that they have been using the “Fraudulent Fake Realtor” Dave Emerson as a writer! Ye!s publishing his stories…for those of you who have been reading this “paper” for years now I’m sure this will change your opinion on this publication now:( Local Paper please...

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Our “MMA” bout “Mejia vs. Kusumoto” whose costing us more???

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Fellow citizens as you would expect were doing our due diligence…here is an update on our Mayor’s & Councilman’s accomplishments while they’ve been in office.

First up…Mejia

1) The illegal use of private business parking, with posted signage.



2) Damage to taxpayer owned wall, broken through to provide access from customer only parking lot.

View from the private parking lot, to her home.

View from the private parking lot, to her home.

View facing North (towards Katella) showing damaged bricks.

View facing North (towards Katella) showing damaged bricks.

3) She managed to have some unattractive temporary speed bumps and warning signs installed behind her apartment complex in the alley, we guess the plan was to keep kids safe while playing in the “Alley Playground”.

We were under the impression that the alley was zoned for commercial truck access, for trash pickup and commercial deliveries for the adjacent businesses.

Not to be used as a playground for children, we have parks for that don’t we? Dangerous!

What confuses us is why the speed bumps were installed “only” behind the Mayors apartment???

Is their not other children who play in the alley’s behind Green St.? Is the Mayor doing her due diligence taking care of the community? or just her own interests?

Why would she allow the use of our tax dollars to pay for and maintain an area which never has been considered or legally zoned as a playground?


And Kusumoto… kusuhair

Here are some facts from City records about the trouble this man has caused the City!!!

Cost of the trash lawsuit: $ 423,990!!! Perpetrated by his friends, wonder how much went into his pockets???

Payments to Colantuono & Levin: $ 170,914.

Settlement with CITIZENS on the 1090 Corruption Anti-SLAPP: $ 33,302.

Settlement with CITIZENS on the Writ of Mandate granted by Judge Banks: $ 215,000.

Payment to Steven Baric, of Baric, Tran & Minesinger: $ 4,774.

Kusumoto’s legal defense fees he’s trying to sneak past the citizens for reimbursement for his crimes!: $ 5,000

And here’s his confession for the abuse and harassment of City Staff:

I personally apologized to the City Manager for being tenacious and firm on this matter. There were some moments when I was less than professional, and I recognize that this is unacceptable and have profusely offered my apology.

I have not had any interaction with the City Attorney since she would not answer my phone calls.

I did not coordinate or discuss this matter with the Department Secretary other than to address her questions regarding the scheduling of the meeting. If I was perceived as harassing, then I offer my apologies too.

– Council Member Warren Kusumoto.


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Where is the rest of this article?

Scroll down friend, sorry for the delay…

Son of a @#%$%! What the hell were we thinking. What sick is that Mejia tried to explain his Brown Act Violations as “He’s new he didn’t know what he was doing! Oh Lord!!

WTF! Didn’t the city pay for ethics training for this clown, as a supposed professional at his supposed job, wouldnt you think he’d have a little more common sense about things?

What a dog and pony show these two! We need to speak up people when the next election rolls around!

The company these two keep, they used a bunch of has been’s (actually to be a has been you need to have accomplished something) to help them get to where they are now! I’m really disappointed in the people of Los Al! Anyone would be better than this!

Jesus Christ (sorry) that’s how this makes me feel, I’m embarrassed for our city, our neighbors and especially for the voter’s who were duped into being involved in this “experiment ” into local government! Pathetic!

I think it’s disgusting that Ivler and Debolt got all that money for something that did not really change anything. Debolt wanted this lawsuit, in my opinion, so he could make more money from all the apartment buildings that he manages or owns. In my opinion, greed was behind Debolt’s motives. Please remember that Mejia was a witness for these clowns. Just think, Mejia who has sworn each term, to uphold all City laws , went against the City in a court of law. BTW, that particular law was written when Ken Parker was Mayor and was his great accomplishment when he was in office. Then Mejia’s group sues the City for Parker’s pet law when Edgar, Poe and Stephens are the majority.

I think there should be an investigation why there is a speed bump right behind her apartment. Seems to me Mejia abused her “powers” as a Mayor or Councilman. My family and I use that alley all the time when we leave the Deli. We’ve been there at many different times and I have never seen a child playing there! I can’t imagine any Mother letting their child play in an alley that is used as much as that one is. This is very fishy and boy does it smell!

That’s right, these fools have cost the city so much more than people realize, it’s unbelievable how stupid people can be. This post only sums up a small portion of the money that’s been stolen from the city, some day these losers will wake up and see what they’ve done, at the same time the people will also, then these scumbags will be ostracized from Los Alamitos, shunned by everyone in town…just watch!

Poor, overweight people shouldn’t run for office! Poor, overweight people will cheat and steal for extra income, why? because they’ve never had it and will do anything to get it, this broad runs the city and is a part of the the “Lower class”. She has a hatred for the rich, successful and hardworking people of Los Al, it’s predictable, easy to see how this will turnout, it’s going to get even uglier come November, guaranteed!

Yes our traffic commissioner is just that! His support group are all a bunch of clown losers, they all need to crawl back under that rock they crawled out from and get outta dodge!

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