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NOT EXONERATED!!! | Warren Kusumoto Must Go

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Do We Want Accused Criminals like Warren Kusumoto Running Los Al?

Los Alamitos Mayor Warren Kusumoto is accused of illegal recording activities, in violation of California Penal Code Section 632, as reported by the OC Breeze Newspaper. Previously investigated by the City Attorney for multiple violations against his own colleagues, Mayor Kusumoto has once again decided...

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It appears our favorite City Councilman Warren Kusumoto at the last city council meeting really only accomplished one thing, getting his money back, isn’t that what its always been about? the MONEY!

Moonlighting on the Federal Government, needs more money, screw up as a rookie councilperson, pay the price…almost, get some money. While the rest of the bunch still whines and bitches about everything and everyone, sue the city etc, etc, make some money.

Yes, they definitely want to wash their hands of this mess, but some of them (the most financially challenged) still have the need for…MORE MONEY! so push on with more accusations, chase people that don’t even work for the city anymore, do everything they possibly can too yes! make some more money.

We wont even get started on the business of trash contracts in Cypress! Oy vey!

Kudos to our local Realtor Dave (I think we can just call him Dave now), for trying to produce a reputable blog, to bad nobody can find it, and all those comments! WOW! lol!

(break it down Mr. Face for Radio)

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Come on November, this era will definitely be cleaned out! You’d have to be a moron to run for this City Council as an incumbent, all bets are off that’s for sure.

Maybe the little old man should try again and the smelly overgrown gibbon should run, you know they wish they could…we wish they would lol!

Wonder if Quasimodo’s going to share some of his reimbursement money with the clan? NOT! Sorry boys it’s still EBT for you!

Money hungry band off idiots I say! Cypress doesn’t welcome any of them, were not a hillbilly haven!

Notice what happens when “they” have the majority? Kusumoto gets his money back! This is why it is imperative that “they” (Mejia and Kusumoto) get sent home and leave the politics to people who know what they are doing!

Lisette you are amazing and truly correct, you have intimidated those schmucks and now they’ve virtually disappeared lol! They have no following and no funding for the next election, no last minute lawsuits to save them now. They are in for a nightmare this November, then we’ll finally be rid of their “flash in the pan” politics and the “up all night in my underwear” journalism! LOL!!! Here’s to financially self-reliant, professional candidates.

I hope the “Duck Dynasty of the O.C.” is finally getting it. NOBODY CARES! Nobody will vote this November! Get the hell out! You had your minute of fame!
Mayor’s Kusu and Mejia screwed themselves by allowing the tiny whining losers to speak and act on their behalf, that was a great mistake…both reputations are now ruined, but the losers remain. Hope a lesson is learned. Incoming Council members will be urged not to lay down with these “thumb thugs”. Fella’s it’s not to late to get a life. lol

I think it’s amazing how the “other” guy’s wont comment or address anything about the embarrassing violations coming from that side? WTF defend yourself retards! All this shit must be true then. I knew we could find good honest reporting here. Drunks. unlicensed activities, etc, etc…truly pathetic and humiliating!

Some people think just because the Los Al City Council has given up on the charges against Kusumoto, the O.C. District attorney has not, this case will stay open for how ever long it takes and it will permanently be on his record, I hear he carries a government security clearance…not anymore. Kinda feel bad for him, but Momma always said “Stupid is as stupid does”!

Being stupid is not a defensive under the law. I see that Emerson and Ivlar have a new web site, Losalnews.com is the new site. Ivlar stated that his group “fixed” Los Al. Well Ivlar got his group in power, but not for long!

It has to be the most boring, non traffic creating rag in all of the O.C.!

These retards think their going to accomplish something in Cypress! please! Ousted from Los Alamitos and ridiculed by everyone! From the lying fake Realtor to the unemployed big doofus who loves to stand at the podium and smell up the place, I feel sorry for his kids, they must be ashamed! what a dumb-ass!!!

Hi there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it exposes alot of whats going on in this City, Thx

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