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A pundit is supposed to be an expert that shares their knowledge with the public. Bloggers often feature political pundits. These people usually are experts in politics and offer their opinions of the day’s news stories. But not in Los Alamitos. all we seem to have is a bunch of unemployed, unsuccessful...

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Loyal Readers Beware! We’ve been Hacked!

Posted by admin | Posted in City, Councilman Kusumoto Brown Act Violation, Mayor Warren Kusumoto Los Alamitos, Mayor Warren Kusumoto of Brown Act Violation, Quotes, Real Estate, Warren Kusumoto, Warren Kusumoto Accused, Warren Kusumoto Brown Act, Warren Kusumoto Illegal Recording | Posted on 26-10-2014


We’ll folks it appears our site was recently hacked by some “Internet thumb thugs! They had access to do whatever they wanted, and they did. Beware!JM

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I think I know who did it… What’s tall, pale, smells, lives off of welfare and his Mommy? You got it!

Naw, he’s not that bright, he’s only good when dealing with the obvious and rewriting what everybody else has already written. I think the welfare, living with Mommy thing is on point, oh and the unemployment thing…that’s a big one!

I’m an avid LosAlNews.com reader, watched the demise of Letsfixlosal.com. Went to verify the “exposed email address” which was posted by Losalnews.com literally right after the original was posted, it wasn’t there! I wondered for a moment if in fact it even happened, especially now after the accusations of hacking, Losalnews.com brags about being computer savvy…always has. Could this have been a Photoshop job? A desperate attempt to finger-point? Only a jealous person could want to implicate someone so badly, I dont know it’s just kinda strange why this matters now? I see the hate, read about it all the time, definitely an ax to grind, but why Losalnews.com are the childish games still being played?

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