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Well friends it appears our City of Los Alamitos Traffic Commission-Real Estate Imposter is testing the laws of the state of California, what do they call people who think they can just go through life without following the rules again??? “ABOVE THE LAW”!!!  is what this ageing individual...

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Los Alamitos Gets an ‘F’ for Its Tobacco-Control Policies

Posted by admin | Posted in City | Posted on 24-01-2014


So says the American Lung Association in a report released today.

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Don’t tell me, first the lack of attention pertaining to crime in our city and now thisl, so this story also, we can assume relates to the other with – the self promotion, attention to items with little or no relevance to the city and council members devoting time to their lawsuits and damage control rather than working on REAL issues…I get it, again sad but true.

The “Other Site” calls 2013 “The most successful year ever”, on the City Council, what are they talking about! All I see is an ex Mayor who got away without being prosecuted, a new Mayor who now has to kiss ass to all the organizations that she truly despises and has voiced her displeasure with, bragging about how the base pool has taught hundreds on how to swim! Does she think we’ve forgotten about how she never wanted it to happen, just like all the businesses she bashed and kept from opening! but now as Mayor she’s touting “New business” in Los Al!

You idiots wanted a Manicurist in office and you got it! She can’t even wear a decent business suit to a city function! No class! simply NO CLASS!!!

Isn’t this great ! We have hit a new low! What a disgrace this Mejia and her wanna be cholo husband are to our community!!! . I could not believe it when I read that this White Trash is now the Los Al mayor. I understand that it means absolutely nothing to anyone other than her but My GOD !! Could someone Please, at least put her on a diet and take her to Target and buy her a decent outfit.She obviously has NO self respect or she would not go out in public looking like she does! She is disgusting to look at and then it gets worse when she opens her mouth. Total Trailer Trash ! Is it true that these Mejia people are actually residing in an apartment behind the Katella Deli and she works as manicurist girl? Get Real! I thought they were all Vietnamese now days ! Why are these people not required to have a vested interest in the community to hold a Council Seat?She and her husband are leaching off of us real taxpayers!

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