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Do We Want Accused Criminals like Warren Kusumoto Running Los Al? | Warren Kusumoto Must Go

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Do We Want Accused Criminals like Warren Kusumoto Running Los Al?

Posted by admin | Posted in City, Mayor Warren Kusumoto Los Alamitos, Warren Kusumoto, Warren Kusumoto Accused, Warren Kusumoto Illegal Recording | Posted on 08-11-2013

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Los Alamitos Mayor Warren Kusumoto is accused of illegal recording activities, in violation of California Penal Code Section 632, as reported by the OC Breeze Newspaper.

Previously investigated by the City Attorney for multiple violations against his own colleagues, Mayor Kusumoto has once again decided to disgrace our community!!

What can residents do to prevent our elected officials from committing white collar crimes in our community?

1) Call the city at (562) 431-3538

2) Email the city Manager at gkorduner@cityoflosalamitos.org

3) Attend the next City Council Meeting and request that Warren Kusumoto

Resign before he can do more Damage.

Meeting is tomorrow night,

May 20th @7:00 pm at City Hall,
3191 Katella Ave, Los Alamitos

Enough is Enough!!

Remove Warren Kusumoto from the City Council!!

Comments (113)

How can something like this even go on? This is what’s wrong with government and why people can’t trust it!

This is Dave Emerson’s post from the “LetsFixLosAl” Blog
He think’s we are just a bunch of “Regurgitating Hater’s”
The nerve of that wanna be politician!

December 17, 2013 at 10:04 pm
Dave E here. No need to check out that website–it’s essentially just a regurgitation of that red hate flyer that hit most of Los Alamitos after Doug Bailey’s bizarre claim that our Mayor was attempting to secretly tape him after he put the tape recorder in the middle of the table and explained he wanted to be sure he got everything accurately..

Which begs the question why Doug Bailey would object to being taped while meeting in a public place in the first place.

Just old news that’s already been refuted. The flyer quoted The OC Breeze, & the Breeze editor herself had to stand up at a Council meeting to refute it’s inaccuracy..

That’s really all you need to know, but if you want more, check out our 5/29/2013 post, “Anti-Kusumoto hit piece hits Los Al.”

As our former Mayor said above, rise above the hate, and overcome it with kindness or at least indifference. Or, as the Good Book puts it, “Don’t be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.”

Dave say’s, “The OC Breeze refuted the article” and has said of the OC breeze “It’s not a legit newspaper, It’s not even a legit news source”.

Well maybe the story from the OC Register is legit enough for you buddy!

Published: Jan. 18, 2012 Updated: Aug. 21, 2013 1:17 p.m.

Los Alamitos alleges councilman violated Brown Act
The City Council voted Tuesday to ask that Councilman Warren Kusumoto be prosecuted over alleged Brown Act violations related to his letter about a controversial city contract.


LOS ALAMITOS – The City Council voted to seek the prosecution of one of its members, saying he disclosed confidential information in violation of state and local law — a move some said was retaliation for his opposing views.
City Attorney Sandra Levin said Councilman Warren Kusumoto violated local law and the California Ralph M. Brown Act. Levin gave council members several choices Tuesday night. They could do nothing. They could retain a city prosecutor. Or they could refer the matter to the District Attorney, the Attorney General or the grand jury.
Article Tab: council-alamitos-members-
Los Alamitos Councilman Warren Kusumoto is under fire from his fellow council members for recusing himself from future closed session talks dealing with a lawsuit against the city of a trash contract. The council majority voted Tuesday night to ask that he be prosecuted over alleged Brown Act violations.
“Can we do all of these?” asked Councilwoman Marilynn Poe.
On a 3-1 vote, the council chose to pursue all those actions against Kusumoto. Councilwoman Gerri Graham-Mejia was opposed.
Kusumoto stepped away from the chamber during the discussion and did not address his colleagues as they decided which course to follow. He was not immediately available for comment.
Ken Stephens, Troy Edgar and Poe also voted to establish a policy or code of conduct for the handling of confidential closed session information.
“If we don’t take this a step further, then we’re all guilty,” Poe said. “The Brown Act is what we live by.”
The Brown Act requires council meetings to be public but allows closed sessions and confidentiality for personnel issues, litigation and other matters.
In a Dec. 5 letter, Kusumoto said he did not wish to participate in further closed-door discussions on a lawsuit against the city, and he cited several reasons, including that he has “a different viewpoint and decision-making process” from the council majority and has “consistently been the minority viewpoint”. When at a later meeting, he withdrew his recusal, his colleagues called for the city attorney to analyze whether he had violated any laws.
A handful of residents spoke for and against Kusumoto, with residents from both sides of the city’s political divide speaking up. Meetings are often contentious in Los Alamitos, and Tuesday’s was no exception.
Supporters called the vote a political witch hunt, and argued that Kusumoto did not disclose any secrets in his open letter to the mayor. For example, the city attorney said Kusumoto violated the Brown Act because by saying he’s in the minority on lawsuit issues dealing with the city’s controversial trash contract, he “attempts to disclose the existence of a split in opinion.”
Kusumoto’s position on the trash contract is well-known in Los Alamitos, where his election platform included re-opening the trash contract bid process, observers said.
“Anybody in this city who pays any attention knows there is a division on the council,” noted resident Richard Murphy.
Councilwoman Graham-Mejia said if any mistakes were made they should be attributed to Kusumoto’s newness on the council.
“This is really an attempt to remove him from office because he doesn’t agree with you,” she said, calling Kusumoto “an honorable, moral man.”
Kusumoto also said in his Dec. 5 letter that the council majority should address the different actions in the lawsuit independently of each other.
Edgar, Poe and Stephens were accused of corruption in the lawsuit filed by two residents. An Orange County Superior Court judge last year dismissed the corruption claim but agreed that the city violated its own law by not choosing the lowest responsible bidder to pick up the city’s trash.
Contact the writer: fromroxana@gmail.com

We don’t want Warren Kusumoto to run our Los Alamitos city. He is a criminal for sure. We should remove him as fast as we can…

Every time Warren Kusumoto’s actions were disgraceful… till now he only had caused major harm and nothing good to the people and communities of Los Alamitos and this accused should not continue as a councilman any more.

No! I personally don’t want Warren Kusumoto to run our Los Alamitos City… Its better to change him and choose a good guy.

I know him, he’s a conceited bag of hammers this guy, annoying, pompous, why the need to moonlight! Raytheon doesn’t pay enough! please.

Oh my goodness, why on earth would someone get involved in something like this?

So sick of this drama, his supporters are a washed up bunch of has been’s, the unlicensed real estate agent/blogger which about a dozen of Los Alamitos residents read, Ivler his cohort, big dumb perv who couldn’t make a buck if it jumped in his face…these guys are all pathetic peddlers who hang out at the city council meetings and try to be somebody, funny thing is the city council is actually embarrassed by them, one actually told me this!

I couldnt agree more!!

Thank goodness the realignment is going to take him out of the mayor position, personally I think he should resign anyone with this type of reputation especially being plastered all over the internet like it is, should relive himself from civic duties.

This man bad representation for our Asian community, man of honor do not get involved with this type of evil. Get out before is to late!

What the heck are the people of Los Alamitos doing! Get off your butts people! Get this clown out of office! If Mejia gets into the Mayor position we are all screwed! The media, internet and social sites will have a field day with her! That’s what happens when a hair stylist becomes a City Council member! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

Tonight’s Council meeting will be another waste of time, the current regime is made up of a bunch of quacks supported by another bunch of losers who attend meetings just to feel like they belong to something, I’m sick and tired! Let Mejia be Mayor, where else can an old washed up barber become a civic leader…only in Los Alamitos!!!

Well what’s done is done, I was at a meeting in the O.C. the other day and was quite embarrassed by some remarks which I overheard about our leadership in Los Alamitos, this group has literally made us the laughing stock of the O.C. Now Mejia is the mayor! Poor woman can’t even control her own eating disorder, sorry and bless her heart, but “we” think she’s capable enough to run our city, Los Al used to be run by professionals who encouraged growth, now it’s run by a gang of misfits who just finger point and cant see clearly past their own noses. She was thought to be a small busines salon owner, when in reality she’s just a traveling seat manicurist that’s all! When you line up all these cast members from the City Council and their meager supporters ie: Emerson, Ivler etc. we have ourselves the “Duck Dynasty of Orange County” that’s what the surrounding cities are calling us! Mr. Kusumoto you claim to be an Engineer from USC and you support this! I voted for you guys, when I cast my vote I thought I was voting for a “small business salon owner” which Mejia claimed on her ballot info, now we find out different, my goodness she’s not even a homeowner, she lives in an apartment behind a deli in Los Al, and to make matters worse she places her husband on the Traffic Commission! whom by the way is a graffiti removal employee for the city of Burbank! Boy aren’t we proud! Mr. Kusumoto your biggest professional mistake is laying down with these misfits, you my friend have become what you’ve hated all along in Los Al…but only without the title of business owner and without the income. Reputation ruined.

“Duck Dynasty of the OC.” Very funny comment but at same time embarrassed, my son learning journalism at college and finds Los Al blog sad and yearning for attention his words, you read and choose. I may be old man but now when to quit God bless.

Finally a place where we can post and not be censored like the “Let’s fix Los Al” blog. Ya they fixed Los Al alright, one by one they managed to ruin each others reputation. The owners of that blog should be ashamed and take it down immediately, it doesn’t play by it’s own rules and what Kusumoto is going thru now, will also be the fate of Mayor Mejia, if they continue meddling.

As of today they are still editing comments and censoring individuals, preventing them from voicing their opinions. It’s catching up to them…the karma that is.

Mr. Kusumoto your affiliation with the Lets fix Los Al blog I feel has been somewhat of a thorn in your side. I’ve been a resident of Los Alamitos for over 20 years, alot longer than you have and personally sir we don’t get involved in drama like this, if it rears it’s ugly head we end it asap. you seem to enjoy the attention, you appear to not need the money, so why then are you involved? risk your family name and stress to your wife and kids you are the male equivalent of Martha Stewart, just involved for the fun of it? Wise up fella, now your part of the traffic commission… I guess you need that meeting money also huh?

Warren Kusumoto aren’t you relieved? maybe you’ll get out of the spotlight for the minute…NOT! Sorry pal you and your cronies have gone too far, there appears to be lots of disgruntled people unhappy with your behavior. For me personally the fact that you had to use the Nerd Patrol Dave E. and JM Ivler to constantly post on your behalf day in and day out some of the most pathetic topics and but kissing crap I’ve ever read, I’m a woman and that stuff made me want to puke, your affiliation with them I don’t think you originally asked for, but unfortunately now…Live by the internet, die by the internet.

One of Warren Kusumoto’s best and oldest supporters Dave Emerson the originator of the whining blog Lets Fix Los Al. Has done a 360! He’s now preaching kindness and “Cant we all just get along” attitudes now after years and years of bashing innocent hard working citizens of Los Al. It’s your turn now Dave. Dave has been using his old Real Estate office address as his home base for his meager investments into an organization supporting the halt of new business in Los Alamitos. His Real Estate Broker I’m sure wont be happy about him commingling his personal business with the owner of the Real Estate offices business, but there’s more! he was witnessed handing out a business card with intent to bully citizens at a city council meeting Monday, a card showing him as an active Realtor with Prudential Realty in Lakewood, trouble is Dave’s operating on an expired license! We are going to follow up on this by presenting this to the broker in question and the DRE. Get legit Dave.

As a senior in Los Alamitos I really don’t care for all the negative comments, I find it disturbing that Dave Emerson is the owner of the Lets fix Los Al blog. He really does not seem the type. What I do find interesting is the fact that “Dave & Blair” are not working legitimately in our city? Can anyone verify that? I’ve been approached numerous times about selling my home, Thank goodness I did not.

Emerson you pompous hack! I hope your reading every word that’s being said about you, your original intent for your blog was to inform citizens about the goings on in Los Al, now it’s become a tool of deceit, taking victims left and right, shut it down now or suffer consequences of your own.

As a senior in Los Alamitos I really don’t care for all the negative comments, I find it disturbing. What I do find interesting is the fact that “Dave & Blair” are not working legitimately in our city? Can anyone verify that? I’ve been approached numerous times about selling my home, Thank goodness I did not.

I am very happy that I found this blog. I was censored from Emerson’s blog or trashed upon for too long by Kusumoto’s whipping boy, Ivler. I just read a blog on facebook that stated that Ivler will not rise for the Pledge of Allegiance or for the prayer at Los Al meetings. Ivler is Kusumoto’s regular big fan at all meetings. I really felt that Kusumoto should have been put to trial for the first set of charges when he went to the back room meetings for the trash trial while all the time he was on Mejia’s side. How do we know what he told Mejia, Ivler and Debolt? Debolt was a big person at the trial because he had the most to gain by kicking Republic out! Twice Kusumoto has had shady activities and the only way we can get him out is at the next election. People need to hear the truth about the majority group on the Council and get ready for next year!

Boy! The Dave E. and JM characters really have it out for you, I read the post about you on Lets fix Los Al, nothing like 2 old men having a fit over something a woman has to say! Kudos to you, not sure what the real issues are here, I need to read more, but It’s just great to see a gal take it to the boys!

Can anyone say Lawsuit!!! lol, I read through most of it, the old stuff is definitely enough to shut down that site for good, but like a cockroach it’ll resurface somehow, somewhere, as something else, I sued a group 5 years ago who tried to screw me around in Irvine, and I am proud to say the judge sided with me because he couldn’t stand internet soapboxer’s (That’s what he called them) so…A lien on the property they owned because they couldn’t pay the fines, put them into my possession lol. I donated the homes to our local church charity and they were sold off one by one…the cries of “sorry” were heartfelt but meaningless. Stick your nose where it don’t belong and it just may get bit off.

I feel Mr. Kusumoto is in a heap of trouble, maybe not in the courthouse but definitely in the court of public opinion, as an active senior in Los Alamitos. It bother’s me to see so many angry citizens, I think most of this has come from his affiliation with various internet sites. I cant believe that Dave & Blair are advertising on expired licenses, can anyone verify this. I’ve been approached numerous times to sell my home by them, thank goodness I didn’t.

Audrey, you can search here: http://www2.dre.ca.gov/PublicASP/pplinfo.asp?License_id=00797708 Blair is legit Dave is not, this is not something to play around with…I cant believe he is a supporter of Kusumoto and the creator of “LetFixLosAl” Blog. Kusumoto acknowledged this site on Dave’s blog the other day…pandoras box!

As an Asian American I am very deeply hurt by the acts of this man Kusumoto!

THANK YOU to whoever started this blog!
The community needs to know how Los Al is being run by this type of person and some unemployed realtor! Who does not even have a license! WOW !

Most people do not know how deceitful and abusive KUSOMOTO, MEJIA and EMERSON are to good, honest people that have tried to voice their opinions in Los Al.

I have been bullied by them for the last time!

Lets take this site VIRAL! How can I volunteer to help?

I am shocked that KUSOMOTO is an employee at publicly traded DEFENSE CONTRACTOR RAYTHEON!

Is his employer aware of his possible criminal activities? His abusive treatment of people in our community? I am sad for my Asian community>

Mr. Hiroyama, As a person of color I have been subjected to the RACIST COMMENTARY posted on the blog owned by this DAVE EMERSON character.

I have a great attorney that says he will file a class action suit against this LITTLE, RACIST, COWARD who hides behind his computer and his dozens of fake names that he uses to put posts up on his blog!

I too tried to chime in on the Los Al blog and was subjected to Ivlers blah blah about on thing or another, with all the things I’ve been reading about the Los Al guys, I think they need to realize that it’s not going to last! Any Los Al council members who choose that platform for support is in for a sad surprise. Mr. Kusumoto your background suggests you have more than enough going for you on your own where you didn’t need any help from a drama filled small political group, I’m sorry sir but although you may have not asked for their support, it’s now your problem. Good luck.

OMG! This movement is starting to grow, why the hell would someone subject themselves to this type of interaction? Warren Kusumoto we would of never known about this website if you wouldn’t of brought it up in a post at the Letsfixlosal.com blog, has to be the single-handed most dumbest thing you could of done. You’ve truly “stirred the pot!”.

Seems to me after reading quite a few comments from quite a few blogs including some Facebook stuff, there seems to be a group of individuals who for some reason are really convinced that they “Run” Los Alamitos. Los Al is run by the citizens, not a few individuals who are living their life through civic leaders. For starters the City Council is comprised of subprofessionals. This will all be taken care of come November 2014. Emerson, Ivler and all the alter egos, Highlands Guy etc.etc. are the result of years of trying but not succeeding, I’ve read posts about some of the claims these people have made about their supposed careers and after looking into most of them, it’s pretty clear it’s a lot of BS. A previous post called these individuals the “Duck Dynasty of Los Al” Hilarious at first…but mostly embarrassing for the citizens of my beloved city.

Still moderating posts over at “Lets Ruin Los Al”, Maybe they decided to give it a rest, it’s probably for the best, one good thing about this blog, you can say whatever you want, post what ever you want without being censored…God Bless America, or as they wrote it G-d Bless America.

JM think’s were not real citizens, what an ego, he can continue to think that, this is America numbnut’s!, we can use any name we want, we don’t owe you a thing, it appears you are finally going to become famous! Infamous! Merry Xmas!

These guys are chumps this internet crap is some wussy shit man Somebody post some pics of these guys it would be nice to meet them

I was at City Hall the other day and a friend told me about these sites, I actually was glad to see that some people are actually involved in spreading news about our city, never heard of the Let’s Fix Los Al Blog until that day, finally had a chance to observe it and I’m wondering what the real goals/objectives of the site are. I’m all for open space, parks and recreation etc. but Los Al is not the “City of Parks” Los Al is what it’s always been, Industrial. Why someone would choose to live here and expect to stop revenue building for the sake of clean air and open space is confusing. The SCAQMD tests daily throughout L.A. & the O.C. and always the air quality is deemed acceptable.Your hard earned dollars should push you down the coast to a city with more of a balance between open space and industry. Oh and by the way, probably now that Hollywood Park is closing, many of those folks will now be venturing into our city, how do you stop that? I don’t think you can vote on a ban on people from South Central LA can you? Maybe some will try.

Our Mayor’s decision making is the main reason for all this going back and forth, I have no issues with the current council as long as they do their job, I think defining what that job entails is something our leadership needs to figure out. Getting involved with organizations without proper background verification is extremely risky. This is not about hate, this is not about whether or not we like someone or not. This is about are you doing your job as a civic leader, that’s all!. Your job is to encourage growth within our city limits, if it means a little more noise, smog or affects the beautification of our little city, so be it, it’s revenue, we should be happy when we see traffic, I know the business owners are. Let the Traffic Commission deal with that. The business owners push for growth with the loads of money they have, and the citizens push to gain control over the City Council, it’s the same thing! Who do we side with as citizens? Los Alamitos will be just fine. Push for growth.

This site is hilarious! People are finally figuring out what frauds those 2 blog guys are in Los Al. One unemployed and one, who is such a successful real estate broker that (according to this site), he doesn’t even have a license. Someone should check to see if that is true; that has to be illegal. I only hope our elected officials will finally see the light and run our city like the others in Orange County and less like some corrupt 3rd world village.

@Fast Fred, are you Fast Fred from the track? anyways, A Real Estate agent or someone posing as one can be verified with the Dept. of Real Estate, here: http://www2.dre.ca.gov/PublicASP/pplinfo.asp if you would like to file a complaint anonymously do that here: http://dre.ca.gov/Consumers/FileComplaint.html Show these cats that they cant act like fools and expect not to treated be treated like one. Kudos to the site creator.

So I browsed through the Let’s Fix Los Al blog archived posts section, low and behold I find post after posts dating back to 2010 of this Emerson and now Ivler basically attacking everyone under the sun…and all on the internet! I wonder how many people they have embarrassed throughout the years? How many Wife’s, children, young or old have been affected by what they’ve written about they’re husband or wife’s, Mothers or Fathers, if any employers of these citizens were quick to judge and punish these people based on these posts? Whats the saying ” Paybacks a Bitch” I don’t know either of theses gentleman, what I do know is anyone who would go to all the trouble to smear someones name so extensively deserves the same treatment, “eye for an eye” Granddad always said, and then there’s Kusumoto! enough said.








Here Here!

This Emerson guy has slandered and defamed so many good
people while hiding behind his computer!

How does he pay his bills? He is not even actually a realtor.

He lists an address at Prudential real estate on Carson Street in Lakewood yet he has no license!

WOW, this broker should be investigated when we sue Emerson!

“Fear of something is at the root of hate for others, and hate within will eventually destroy the hater.” If that’s the case the Let’s Fix Los Al blog is now destroyed!. Dave, Dave, Dave! get it yet? Thanks for not posting…oblivion seems like the right choice, Kudos to you.







Thanks to the creators of this site!

KUDOS to warren kusomoto for letting steering me to it!

I have new information to deliver in the new year!

It is unbelievable what extremes these individuals have gone to ,to intimidate others.

I truly hope Mr, Emerson can find some sort of employment in the New Year!

I feel truly sorry for his wife as she must be supporting him financially while he embarrasses his family in the community.

It must be difficult at best when you are out of work and getting old and have no real skills.

Thanks to the Lord!

Praise the Lord, Merry Christmas to all who have supported this great new website. Can’t wait to see the new, expanded version.

Let’s not forget the two men who are really “in charge” of Los Alamitos, Mr. Debolt and Mr. Ivler. Mr. Ivler claims to be semi-retired but runs a school supply business that is supposed to be non-profit from Nevada. Or at least that is where his warehouse is. Go back to the early days of Let’s Fix Los Al” and see how he wants Arrowhead Products to leave the city. This is a company that has been in Los Al long before it was a city. Ivler wants to change this property into a high end mall with anchors such as Morton’s or Ruth Chris. I know for a fact that Ivler had some contractor look at the property. That’s real thoughtful of him considering that he doesn’t own the land. He’s had some wins in the past with the City Council because past councilmen and women were to weak to put this man down. I personally think that this man is very subversive to our City and needs to be dealt with with a strong leadership. Has anyone noticed how Ivler will step up and talk about each issue before the Council like he is the 6th Councilman? He has sidestepped the matter of doing something positive like going on a Commission or running for Council. He always has an excuse, the latest one being that he’s too old to run for Council. He and Debolt cooked up the lawsuit against the City that Kusumoto was on both sides of the issue. Mr. Debolt is handily back on the Planning Commission that he was kicked off of several years ago. Notice how the manicurist and Kusumoto put him back there as fast as they could when they took control of the town again. Mr. Debolt is a realtor or property manager for lots of real estate in town. Now you can see why he wants to be on the Planning Commission all the time. This group must be kicked off the Council with the next election or Los Al will be lost to big business interests and not to our homeowners. It’s time to kick both Kusumoto and Mejia off the Council this November. I’d like to thank the person who put this website up. Now we have a real voice and not on Let’s Fix Los Al!

Wait a minute! So DeBolt is a businessman in Los Alamitos as is Mr. Briggeman correct? All the accusations about buying the election and laundering money that Ivler makes publicly is not ok unless it’s financed by Debolt??? WTF! Ivler?! Briggeman didn’t accept your request for a piggyback ride to the city council…and DeBolt did??? You guys smoke the same cigars? coach the same kids? Sorry fellas if you think your any different you are sadly mistaken, the very things you accuse others of doing you actually are violating yourself, so tell us? What makes you right? Huh? Great job Lisette!

How inspiring, inquiring minds want to know, If Let’s Fix Los Al like’s to do research, so shall the people. Check this out,


It pretty much seems like the Nevada warehouse is just a front to appear like a big business, the actual business address appears to be a residence in Los Alamitos, wonder if a business license with the city is in place? Wonder if the neighbor’s realize a “Child toy peddler” is doing business illegally in their neighborhood? …more research to come, who new being and internet geek would finally pay off with some good.

Mr. Hiroyama, good you are going to file a suit, I check DRE site from post above is right! Time for Los Al people to do something now, if you need help let me know, I have much resources. Merry Christmas to all, especially the one creator of this blog.

You nailed it Lisette! JM, Highlands Guy, Met00…and the list goes on, yes he managed to take money from DeBolt to produce the blog and start hacking away at everyone they feared, it grew enough to pick apart the existing council and they got the votes to fill the seats. But now that’s over, let’s see how he likes it, finally a taste of his own medicine, we know a lot about him, so much that his best option now would be to disappear, Ivler, Hubert, Emerson, DeBolt and a few other punks better treasure the moment. and there pathetic little blog, well it’s run it’s course like it was created to do, not at all for us citizens, just a place to bash people to get votes changed. Run for council! please, with a face for radio how the hell does he even think he’ll succeed This grass roots site couldn’t of come at a better time, plenty of time to grow and plenty of time to get the real message out to the people. Ivler, our advice to you is to get away from it before it’s too late, save whats left of your dignity and spare your family the embarrassment, everyone knows what your about. Time to get a real job and stop riding the pathetic coattails of councilpersons.

Fake businesses, fake internet personalities are not what we want in our neighborhood. We are a group that keeps a very tight eye on each other. There should not be any businesses being run on our street! Maybe it’s time the city finds out. So be it. Happy Holidays.

Mr. Kusumoto is this what I voted for? How did this turn into your drama filled personal trash can? The worst thing you could of done is try to take on big business in Los Al, you conjured up some crap here and there and got yourself elected, but was it worth it? This is only (and I hope not) going to get worse. I’m ashamed at what I was lead to believe when the last election was being set up. Nothing has changed in our city, nothing has gotten better, just this bitter war of words started by paid off patsies. Fool me once…Cant wait for the November 2014 election.

I just hope someone learns a lesson from this, Let’s Fix Los Al should actually become a tool to inform Los Al residents, not a site to bash other’s, shouldn’t old men be out golfing or something??? As a participant in warrenkusumotmustgo.com, I also hope Mr. Kusumoto see’s the error of his way’s, Sir don’t let anybody sway you, many posts have said you are being controlled by a JM Ivler? Could this be true, it appears you guys are friends on Facebook! My Facebook is reserved for close friends, I’ve observed both your’s and Dave’s FB sites and they appear to be normal. You have less than a year to straighten out these issues, I’m a voter with over 1,700 FB friends, I convinced many to vote for you in 2010, and I could just as easily convince them to vote against you this Nov. Happy Holidays and Good Luck.

Hey Lisette, None of the comments on this blog were written by real people .. Except maybe yours. I dare the blog owner to allow this comment to be displayed …

You guy’s really believe your the only concerned citizens in this city, we are for real and your constant complaining about it belongs on the other site.

@Hmlo, we are all real people here!! We are the ones with integrity. No pictures of kids dying of cancer to promote our thoughts and concerns; just our individual honest assements of theses clowns.

Yours truly,
The Fastest of all Freds.

Boy oh boy, after being an avid reader of the “Let’s Fix Los Al” blog and still after all these years wondering why I still do, It seems they once again think they have a scoop on another story which means nothing to no one, and again will generate no response except for themselves (Ivler) I mention only Ivler because it appears to me Dave has put his tail between his legs and doesn’t want to become the “Driscoll’s of 2014”. Great choice Dave, Ivler on the other hand appears to be accusing a Mr. Briggeman of wrongdoing once again. I personally don’t know this Briggeman, many have told me when asked that he has been a heavy philanthropist for our city and surrounding cities, I think that’s what we want our business leaders to do right? maybe Mr. Briggeman should run for city council, I think the “Ivler City Blog” (which we should now call it) would have a field day, be besides himself and probably never get a wink of sleep lol, and never get out from behind that computer.

Funny post! But seriously I think your right, my sibling from surrounding cities all have professional leadership, maybe our city does need a professional business persons who can run the city like a business, how could anyone believe the characters in office now and especially the one’s who’ve tried and not succeeded, can do anything for our city, I’m pissed because the new CC is just again going to go back and forth on pity little items, nothing that’s going to bring future greatness to our city, financial greatness! Here’s to smart experienced business persons running the cities, here’s to not having a bunch of unsuccessful flunkies trying to nickle and dime our city into future success by pointing fingers, truth is, these people would be nothing if it wasn’t for the internet!

Why does this crap have to all be coming from someone on my block?! I swear we don’t need this! We are hard working citizens with real jobs and realistic aspirations for our families and city. You cant make a difference from behind a computer, real men at least. I’m definitely going to keep a close eye on things from now on, these accusations about fake businesse etc. about this individual I take seriously!, what’s next police? violence of some sort?! GET OUT! WE DON’T WANT THIS HERE!.

Anyone see the latest rant from those 2 unemployed losers on lets fix Los al? OMG! This Ivler guy writes some long babbling essay that basically deduces the following: someone with money started a bunch of websites; some of the sites speak positively about George Briggeman; therefore, George Briggeman is running for city council. Did he ride the short yellow bus to school? I don’t know who started this or any other web sites about Los Alamitos, but I do know that for 7 years those guys have spread lies and blasted a lot of good people. There are plenty of people who don’t like those guys, but they all have lives or jobs and can’t spend all day on the internet. Whoever found the time to start this state: thank you!!

You mean to tell me this is John? Tell me it isn’t true, I’ve been waiting and waiting for the real issues in our city to be addressed, but due to this ridiculous high school banter between big babies, we the people suffer? Sad, oh so sad, have you no shame John? You have impressionable kids, what will they think when you become a victim, like all the rest who’ve been taking the hits for you? Cat, Stevens, Kusumoto and now Mejia?

Saw the rant, it’s really funny the way he breaks down every line of Lisette’s post, isn’t your kid home from college bro? Damn, get off the computer and do something that’ll make somebody proud. Threaten to sue… sure go ahead, maybe Mommy will loan you some more money or maybe Uncle Art will fit the bill…again lol. Take it like a man, you wanted to be pushed to the forefront of politics by censoring your blog and only giving one side of the story to the people, we’ll welcome to reality, you my friend have violated the “Libel” part numerous times, over and over, post after post. I’m sure the people you want to “Party” with are locked and loaded also. Have a Happy New Year numbnuts lol.

I just viewed on Channel 7 news at 5:00 where a man is being prosecuted for recording a phone conversation without having permission before it was recorded. Why can this happen in Los Angeles County but not in Orange County? Somethings wrong with the DA in Orange County if this can happen in LA but not here!

The party that was illegally recorded probably has to press charges

@ Griffin Pride, You are aware that when this happened Mr. Kusumoto was currently serving as the Mayor of the City of Los Alamitos? Right?, therefore the city was obligated to file charges, unfortunately certain player’s in certain position’s within the city allowed these charges to never come to fruition, but the stigma remains.

Lissette, you are echoing my thoughts to a tee. Here we clearly have a small time politician that has determined that he is above the law and will do what ever he wants in order to PAY BACK political favors to his pals that have more than likely given him money and the promise of some sort of other in kind support.

All this with a total disregard for the harm he has inflicted on others and the embarrassment that he has brought our city!

No kidding! we are all wondering why the D.A. wont budge on this, it’s fine we can be heard in November. My following agrees with me also, we thought we were voting for change and all we got was drama, this council hasn’t accomplished squat except for damage control! Kusumoto drop the 5th wheel, speak for yourself online and in the council chambers and denounce your “new” friends.

Hooray! A site where we all can truly be heard, Lisette your a breath of fresh air, we need more women to speak up, looks like it’s going to be a great year for Los Alamitos, hopefully we can get back to a city run by professionals, not by manucurist’s, moonlighter’s and back seat driver’s! I’m anxious to see whose going to be challenging the upcoming November election, whoever they are it’s a “shoo in”.

“As a disclaimer, don’t continue reading if you are looking for heavy political or social commentary. I guess if anything else, this is more about a personal awakening and a ‘sense of place.” – Dave Emerson creator/owner Let’s Fix Los Al Blog.

NEWSFLASH! Let’s Fix Los Al seems to be turning a new leaf! Awesome! An apology to the public for duping us into buying in on a “Site for the people” when all it was created for was to get Dave the creator and the rest of the funky bunch (our current council) into office. 4 yrs later it appears they see the err of their ways. Good job…now to choose you penance for ruining the careers of your friends.

Hey people get on over to Let’s F–K up Los Al and read the “Tail between the legs” disclaimer giving an excuse to the slander that has occupied that site most recently and for years now, whoever this Briggeman is I hope he take’s it to this guy. I do business in Hawaiian Gardens and when online activist’s try to get in the way of future business and revenue in our city they get squashed, better be prepared, If this guy was talking about me this way…this crap would of been over and done with a long time ago, face to face!

So people, how do you feel about your tax dollars being used to pay the bills of this clown!? Our “once removed” planning commissioner Debolt helped him win the lawsuit of his career, that’s the most money he’s ever made in his whole life lol! And to top if off rumor has it that our beloved councilman Kusumoto had the city of Los Alamitos pay for his legal fees! How my friends does this represent something good for our city? How does this after getting our vote does this equate to “One of the best years ever” for the city council? Get pissed people, show it this coming November!!!

Read it! Sounds like he’s afraid of what he posted! I don’t F@#% around with people like this either, all this in the spirit of clean air and open space! please!. Reading through that rag all I see is post after post of negativity, they even have links within their stories so you can read their stuff from as far back as 2008, the amount of time they spent trying to find out where campaign contributions come from is pathetic. If the old man would of actually campaigned instead of wining about where the dough comes from he may of won a seat in the election…again pathetic, the people don’t want a “Rat” who cant build his own empire and wants to crap on someone else’s success. grown men shouldn’t be jealous, it’s really embarrassing! And these are Councilman’s Kusumoto’s friends???

You’ve got to be kidding me! This is what you encouraged me to vote for Dave Emerson? We trusted you! And in the name of God you supported this and for what to get elected by using scandalous remarks and slander from behind a computer? So now you’ve succeeded in putting “your” players in the city council with money from a private Real Estate investor! Jesus help you, you are no different, our congregation will have a field day with this, I’m so sorry but your little blog has the markings of the devil, not the Christianity that you profess.

Cool dog!!

Sorry friends I made one mistake on my comments about Mr. Ivler. His business, Education 4 kids is incorporated in Nevada. I know I read someplace on the web about a warehouse in Nevada but I can’t find it now. But I know this business was incorporated in Nevada because I saw it on one of Ivler’s long discussions about this business. I have been called a liar by Mr. Ivler many times, but we all know the truth about him and Debolt and now Kusumoto. Let’s find a great candidate and support him or her for Kusumoto’s seat and another one for Mejia’s seat.

Someone posted the link to the site and it sure looks like a scam, if not a scam surely a sad interpretation of a business! The guy’s websites are very unprofessional/amateur looking, missing phone contact numbers and lot’s of broken links, I wont even get into the products.

I found some complaints on a site talking about no or bad communication in relation to a sale from years back. Lisette you don’t need to apologize for anything, a monkey can get incorporated in Las Vegas, that’s where shyster’s go to “create” businesses. We cant be ashamed for doing our research…right???

Looks like he’s had his privileges taken away from him at Let’s Fix Los Al, wise move by Mr. Emerson, I’m sure Mr. Kusumoto is extremely upset about his decision to use this guy as his “Voice”! and by now has told him to keep his mouth shut! Oy vey!!!

I am shocked to find out that this little Emerson guy flat out lied to the community about being a licensed real estate agent . The broker where he claims to hang his license should probably be investigated and sued as well ! Does anyone know who the real estate broker is in Lakewood where this character claims to have worked ?
I too fell for the story that he was an actual businessman!

The entire community needs to know about this Emerson before he preys on any more innocent folks.


Soliciting people to sell their homes without a license?

Isn’t he also supposed to carry some kind of special insurance to protect his so called clients as well?

I bet he does not have that either.Guess it doesn,t really matter when you aren’t even a licensed agent!

What he has done is no different than practicing medicine without a license.

Who is this Emerson you guys are talking about?

Sounds like a bad guy to me!!!

Can someone get away with the things he has done?

Big Don, decide for yourself… https://www.facebook.com/ItsDaveEmerson?fref=ts

Hi Mr. Big Don,


It is my understanding that a HUGE LAW SUIT is heading his way!







“Too short for disrespect, personal attacks, and unnecessary negativity.”


“the little people in Los Alamitos have exposed a big bad stinking pile of political garbage. An election for sale to the highest payer”

“greatly because of a greedy business owner”

“and less than trustworthy politicians ”

“no to backroom deals…no to dirty politics”

“all laundered through front groups.”

“spent tens of thousands of dollars to influence an election in Los Alamitos is clearly at it again”

“Using laundered money in the Tens of thousands and smearing one’s family name”

“When exposing the criminal element ”

Lot’s of accusation’s, many, many of them aimed at many different individuals, all for the benefit of an election, in order to win an election…wolf in sheep’s clothing…no difference in the eye’s of the citizens, the real citizen’s… not the dozen or so of your supporter’s, many remaining anonymous as well. Hmmmm???

“life’s just too short for hatred and personal attacks.”


“impertinent curiosity, killed the Cat”

Now the cry is for peace and decency…

Mr. Preponderance, I was once a supporter of Let’s fix Los Al, but just now reading some of the tid bits (I’m assuming from that site) it kind of sheds some light, you are right! No matter how you look at it Mister it is the same thing! I would never have posted there due to the intimidation that I always felt, thank you for the voice.

You are free to speak up here Bette without fear.

Let’s Recall Kusumoto and Mejia ! Get them out !

Is it really true that Mejia is a manicurist girl?

Dear Lord !

No wonder the City of Los AL is going to be bankrupt soon!

Yes, she posed as a small business owner when she ran for City Council.

I don’t think a nail file and some fingernail paint quite qualify as a business !

What an insult to real business people, hugh?

Hey Bro,Maybe she could scrub the dirty political paybacks out from under Kusumoto’s toenails ????

I agree with “Man of Color”. A manicurist is not a “small business owner”. What Mejia is is an “independent contractor”. I don’t think that someone who paints nails and washes people’s feet as well as cuts their toenails is a small business owner. I also don’t feel that we need someone with limited college education on the Council. I asked Mejia what her education was and she stated that she had her notary license, which is a course of one day. She also told us that she had a degree from the Cottonwood Church. Mejia was laughing when she stated the mentioned degree. I went online and got a booklet from the “Cottonwood Church” to see about the education one could get there. It was a two year program mostly about religious education for someone who is looking to be a preacher. It was nothing like the 4 year degree that I received from USC. As far as I know that is the extent of her education.

Wow, good to see this thing gaining some legs. Mr. Emerson is really worried now! He is being exposed as a fake and a fraud!

So is true? Or councilman Mr. Kusumoto has really committed these crimes? Then why hasn’t someone from the city done something about it? We are a small city yes, all the more reason to prosecute! Smells like a cover up to me, sickens me, certainly something can be done, no one is above the law!

Son of a gun! This is an outrage, there has to be a reason the city has refused to do something about this, were they too embarrassed to do something? To close to the Bell scandal? Someone please help me to understand???

WTF! Geez! I think it’s time to go to a few City Council meetings and ask if anything is going to be done about this, it appears pretty cut and dry, he recorded someone without his permission, people get worse for lesser offenses! especially where I work, I hear that this group is trying to slide on over to my city Cypress! We don’t want your help, we don’t need your help! stay the #$%& away! We are not a city comprised of little whining children running our city (no disrespect to the children). Thank you very much.

Yes, finally a place to post without having the nerd patrol knit pick everything that you say, intelligent people don’t behave this way, many phrases come to mind as I say farewell to Let’s Fix Los Al or as someone put it in an earlier post “Let’s $%*& up Los Al” because that’s what it’s beginning to look like around here! I’ve worked hard to build my fortune…and to watch it be handled by unprofessional laborers makes me sick! Call me full of myself!! I don’t care anymore! I put in my time, paid my dues.

Just did alot of reading, lots of bad people in this city! What to do? What to do? We need to get out and vote people! like this November!!!

Mr. Kusumoto, in your opinion what do you think attributed to this onslaught? As a concerned citizen it bothers me to think that an innocent man would be subjected to this kind of abuse, therefore can you give us (the people) some possible reason why you suppose this is happening? Please be real and don’t use the rehashed reasoning from Dave E’s blog.

So tell me, if I read most of the old posts regarding Councilman Kusumoto on the “old” blog, and some of the”con” material about it on this site, I might be able to come up with a logical conclusion about what I feel is going on here?

I WILL get back to you on this…

The City of Los Alamitos can’t file for Kusumoto to be charged with a felony because this happened in Seal Beach. I know Only from rumors that the people involved went to the Chief of Seal Beach Police and this was sent to District Attorney. Our wonderful DA will not indict anyone if there is the smell of politics behind it. I understand that the DA is running to keep his job this November but someone powerful will be running against him. This is all rumors but I think there is some truth behind it.

So a group of blithering idiots are behind Let’s fix Los Al, they are against bringing new business into our city, the blog was obviously created to brainwash the voters to vote their people in, great tactic with success I might add, this leaves me extremely upset. Where is the funding from all of this coming from? It appears the two admins don’t have the capitol to create and maintain this sort of charade, I ask again, where’s the money coming from? Mr. Kusumoto it must be you, you have gained the most, correct me if I’m wrong…publicly! We the people do not have to prove a damn thing! I’m ashamed at our leadership, now Mejia has her turn, things do not look well for her either. Many of my friends and colleagues are frustrated with this situation, change is eminent, I don’t care who runs for council this November …they have my vote!

My son show me that you repost my comment admin at Los Al Blog, thank you very much, I work as accountant in Los Alamitos I am very much involved in city I rent my home and pay my bills perfectly, you think because you cant findme I dont exist. I have real job pay many taxes you are dumbass! You give easy publicity for me and my partners business, why are you to make fun of my race when you yourself have marriage with asian decent with children why?

Hey dip shit!, find out who I am lol! You know what’s funny, I know way more about you than you do about me…stay tuned…something really big brewing here! Inquiring minds want to know!

I was watching the Council meeting tonight, 1-21-14, and watched our sixth councilman Ivler get up and speak about the trash issue. I could say something funny here but I’ll leave the trash to Ivler. I noticed that our City Manager and staff must address his statement and get back to him in writing. How much time and money of our tax dollars are wasted with staff work to always answer this man’s endless questions? This seems to me to be a total waste of money!

I also noticed that the blue cards are back with Mejia. When someone wants to speak they must fill out a blue card which you will see Mejia shuffle the cards. That’s how Ivler speaks last so he can get noticed with his “insightful” questions. Everytime that group gets elected those blue cards are always the first thing to come back so they (Mejia, Kusumoto,etc.)can manage the speakers and be sure that the people they don’t like have the timer going so they can cut them off and bring in their own buddies last.

You sure are right on that one, I saw it also. Why do my tax dollars have to pay for this clowns whims Mayor Mejia! Answer that question, maybe I should ask you in person , matter of fact I do need my feet cleaned! Do you relate to Ivler in the sense that you have alot in common? He’s got a face for radio, sucks on cigars through brown teeth and smells! That’s your support Mayor! You must be so proud! My Lord in God’s name what is happening to this City!

This site is a gift, finally somewhere to give the “Duck Dynasty of the O.C.” a hard time. It’s called a taste of there own medicine.
Emerson is a wrinkled old man who couldn’t renew his DRE license as in “not capable financially” or “Unable to pass the test”.
JM tinkers around the house all day clinging to his computer looking at things he shouldn’t be, once his computer’s are confiscated the truth about many things will be revealed, as an owner of a “Catalog Internet Business” we can see how art definitely imitated life!

Mayor Mejia, love watching you cruise the city in your old pickup truck, maybe Dave can help you purchase a home and get you out of the “apartment life”…wait he cant because he’s a non-licensed Real Estate agent! Yikes!

Kusumoto, your not even worth commenting about, your ass is in a sling at work! and your career as a politician and as a Government Contractor are in jeopardy!

This is not a hate post, I don’t hate anyone, I just feel the truthful facts should be revealed just like they preach over and over on “Let’s $#%@ up Los Al” the Blog, so quit whining about it and suck it up!

I Love my city and will fight for it!!!

Damn right were angry! We don’t need to attend City Council meetings, we expect our elected officials to take care of business like there supposed to, were not baby sitter’s, we have life’s! So now that a few of these babysitter’s are meddling into our city council all in the name of “for the people”, what we have now is a bunch of ridiculous crap with lot’s of bickering, back and forth! I tell you it’s a heap of crap!

Kick Em’All: There is one point to our “illustrious” Mayor that I think you all missed. Until one of us (and it wasn’t me) saw that our “Mayor” had not renewed her Cosmetology license, and she was still working at her job of cleaning people’s feet, she was turned in to the state licensing bureau. I know this to be true because the person who turned her in told me about it.

You’ve got to be kidding me! What is it with Dave E. and the Mayor and their inability to keep up with their licensing fees! It’s ridiculous that this is not seriously being taken as a massive character flaw by the people of Los Alamitos. Politicians and pundits should at least have all their eggs in a basket before they “run” or “spew” anything out there for public scrutiny. I’m glad this page is available for us to vent our concerns, as it grows it will eventually reach the ears of many concerned voters, hopefully the change we were promised recently will finally be addressed, this time correctly.

I hear this schmuck is trying to bilk the city out of his attorneys fees, that’s a load of crap Kusumoto! haven’t you done enough already! You’ve pissed of alot of people and now your going to try to squeeze some more cash out of us! Freakin’ bullcrap man! What! the aerospace gig doesn’t pay well enough? Surprised your moonlighting hasn’t caught up with you yet! quit #$%&@#$ with the city, walk away before you really get yourself in a heap of trouble!

Awesome post.

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