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BREAKING NEWS: Embattled Traffic Commissioner David Emerson Under Investigation for posing as a Real Estate Broker | Warren Kusumoto Must Go

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BREAKING NEWS: Embattled Traffic Commissioner David Emerson Under Investigation for posing as a Real Estate Broker

Posted by admin | Posted in City, Councilman Kusumoto Brown Act Violation, Mayor Warren Kusumoto Los Alamitos, Mayor Warren Kusumoto of Brown Act Violation, Real Estate, Warren Kusumoto, Warren Kusumoto Accused, Warren Kusumoto Brown Act, Warren Kusumoto Illegal Recording | Posted on 25-03-2014

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We’ve received this information from a highly credible source who has spoken to people close to LOS ALAMITOS TRAFFIC COMMISSIONER David Stephen Emerson.1488366_10153611894005486_532558771_n (2)

We have learned that a myriad of complaints have already been filed or are pending against Mr. Emerson with the CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF REAL ESTATE by individuals that have been solicited by him first hand.

D.R.E. archives indicate at one time Emerson did possess a valid license to operate as a California Real Estate Broker. For reasons unknown to us, his license expired many years ago. Since the expiration of his license Emerson, as evidence shows and is stated in the complaints, has continued to portray himself as a LICENSED CALIFORNIA REAL ESTATE Professional, openly soliciting real estate listings and marketing real property in Orange and Los Angeles Counties as recently as February of this year, offering his services in direct violation of CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF REAL ESTATE ethics codes.


Emerson, also known for his affiliation and support of the controversial compost heap at the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base which has garnered hundreds of complaints from residents in Cypress, Los Alamitos, Garden Grove and Seal Beach, who claim the massive compost heap is a fire hazard and a serious health concern omitting toxic fumes as well as being a possible source of groundwater contamination.

Emerson, an APPOINTED PUBLIC OFFICIAL with the LOS ALAMITOS TRAFFIC COMMISSION, has come under fire for his involvement with a radical group which filed a controversial trash lawsuit against the City of Los Alamitos, a lawsuit which community leader’s claim squandered over $200,000 in tax payer dollars on staff time and legal fees.

Leaders say these funds could have been allocated for parks and youth programs in Los Alamitos.

Mr. Emerson could not be reached for comment.

Comments (11)

I find this really upsetting, it’s embarrassing I feel for the Family.

Oh my goodness, And why would they choose to pick on Lisette? shame on them, grown men bullying an older woman! How sad is that?

As a licensed Realtor working and residing in Los Al I feel cheated knowing someone is out there illegally sharing the same territory as I. It’s good to know someone has taken the initiative to do something about it.

Ladies, you have to truly know the past of these individuals to understand what makes them tick, feel free to read on through this wonderful blog. Have a great day!

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. I wish the same type of trouble would appear for Ivler and Debolt!

I hope I don’t run into this person out in the streets, not only will I report him but I WILL confront him also! Total lack of respect for hard working licensed agents in Los Al.

Pssshhh! Creepy fella, glad the pic was posted, will keep an eye on this one!

So happy this guy’s voice has been removed! That blog no one ever read anyways has disappeared, the losers following along with it, the 6 or 7 (family or friends) that comment are tired and washed up. Soon the short lived traffic gig will be up (the city will remove him soon), thus getting rid of any signs of this feeble little man from our city. People should realize that in this day and age when you mess with fire you get burned, blessings will only be bestowed on those who do good, not those that try their hand at success at the expense of others…amen.

Based on the many allegations, this one appears to be a strange and possibly disturbed individual, lurks around public officials and their gatherings, this behavior is nothing short of stalking. They label people based on political beliefs, place them into terrible groups, this is the behavior that is destroying America and the worst thing we can possibly do as Americans. I should know, worst of all, way back I was caught up in it myself for a long time, until I took a good look at my attitude.

Has this fool disappeared yet? or at least got his Real Estate license reinstated? This idiot gave my son a business card and told him to go to the website to get a free bible! The business card still shows the name and address of the Prudential Real Estate agency he claims to be representing! STILL UNLICENSED!!! His Co-Monkeys bitch about everything and try to denounce all allegations against him but no mention of his fraudulent activities posing as a Realtor! Does anyone else find that strange? Does anybody else wonder why Kusumoto and now Mejia use this man to guide and navigate them though their council activities. Geez Louise! Cant wait till November!

Yo! trying to figure out what makes this psycho tick? Why on Earth would anyone even try to be someone they are not? Lot’s of interesting stuff on this site which sheds some light on who these people really are! Our Mayor even tries to pass herself off as a Mayor! lol…go figure.

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