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Who is Dave Emerson? And Who Is Paying Him?

First let’s look at the facts… Beginning back in 2008, the Los Alamitos City Council majority, controlled at the time by former one term councilman and puppeteer Arthur Debolt, suddenly acquired an acute interest in the city’s long time lucrative contract for waste collection. Mr. Debolt’s...

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Well friends it appears our City of Los Alamitos Traffic Commission-Real Estate Imposter is testing the laws of the state of California, what do they call people who think they can just go through life without following the rules again??? “ABOVE THE LAW”!!!  is what this ageing individual thinks he can pull off, not only is it bad enough to have a blog preaching hate which gives the appearance that is has many “contributors” to it, when we know it’s all him and his sidekick “Cigar Boy”,  Cigar Boy you ask??? ya! He’s the one costing the taxpayer’s lost’s of money with his anal, dumbfounded requests for things he has no business meddling in…these two are the cancer that’s invaded our City Council…but enough of that!

Article 1. Scope of Regulation
License Required

10130. It is unlawful for any person to engage in the business of, act in the capacity of, advertise as, or assume to act as a real estate broker or a real estate salesperson within this state without first obtaining a real estate license from the department, or to engage in the business of, act in the capacity of, advertise as, or assume to act as a mortgage loan originator within this state without having obtained a license endorsement. The commissioner may prefer a complaint for violation of this section before any court of competent jurisdiction, and the commissioner and his or her counsel, deputies, or assistants may assist in presenting the law or facts at the trial.

Dave has a listing that appears to be in Escrow! normally this would be great, except Dave’s not liscensed to act as a Real Estate Agent in the State of California! Shocking right! Here’s the link to the DRE’s website, see for yourself.


For those who need instant gratification here’s the pics:


So in knowing that the DRE say’s: No unlicensed Real Estate agent can place his image on Marketing materials, business cards, yard signs or flyers!



As you can clearly see below, this flyer is with Berkshire Hathaway, whom has no DRE record of Dave Emerson on their “list” of active agents (Violation)!

Emerson Flyer


The tragic thing about this is that Dave represented himself as a Real Estate Agent to a neighbor on the same street he lives on! Gives a whole new meaning to “Love they Neighbor”. This is the criminal who ran for office, who is the on the current Traffic Commission in Los Al, and appears monthly at City Council meetings trying to “Do Good”. We think he should clean up his own act before he opens his mouth about anything under the guise of “Doing Good”, don’t you agree?



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Lord! He’s been soliciting me to sell my home for years now, he doesn’t understand the meaning of no! A few of my lady friends say they get creeped out when they see him in the neighborhood, please stop trying, leave us alone!

Someone I know got duped also by someone poseing as an agent, what the heck! He has professed this on LATV, to the Los Al city council, Copies City Council and on his blog (whereever it may be now) how did he parlay this into a trusted position on the traffic commission? He should resign immediately! What a disgrace!

Way ahead of you guys,I live on Linda Way, my neighbor has already contacted an investigator at the DRE! They have already took his report and are researching this as we speak,so glad for this, really was getting sick of his overly aggressive approach at selling, I actually this morning saw a DRE vehicle parked in front of the house taking pics! Busted!

I knew it,I always had a stinking suspicion about this one, of course someone who is involved in city business the way he is has to be shady, who does that? How do you sit around all day and just stare at a computer posting things about our city that no one cares about, no one normal at least, don’t know anything about his blog, glad I found this one though, so who appointed him a traffic commissioner, let me guess…Mayor Mejia! Oy vey!

I’m the neighbor who filed the report with the DRE, after receiving quite a bit of information about these two for years now I decided once I saw the new listing on our block to do the research everyone is talking about. After verifying everything I decided to turn him in, to help protect my neighbor who is completely unaware of what’s going on, I’m remaining anonymous for fear of retaliation from his family, he has sons involved also, I do not want to be subjected to violence at the hands of a desperate n…

Ha! Hey Cigar Boy! How are you going to spin this one??? C’mon buddy come to the defense of your geriatric delinquent partner, protect us, we are citizens of Los Al also, have our back just like you did during the trash contract, just like you did during the Pro Logis situation and now please help us with the “Traffic Commission-Real Estate Imposter”…please do your due diligence.

You mean this scrawny little misfit who now that he’s been booted out of the Los Alamitos limelight (Couldn’t get elected, his blog destroyed by legalities), so now he’s trying to slide on over to Cypress? We will not have you or your Cigar Boy here Emerson, do you reside in Cypress? are you a business owner in Cypress? do you have any philanthropic activities going on in the city of Cypress? If so please indulge us…believe me, step up to the podium here and you’ll get your butt handed to you by our Council-members! We don’t play around like Los Al’s Beverly Hillbilly’s clan! Your not wanted here GO AWAY!

And to think I voted for him, and Mejia…she needs to denounce this person now! If she doesn’t I’m sure she will be in violation of something! I want him off of the Traffic Commission immediately! we got Fat Art off once so we can do it again with this degenerate.

Quasimodo! What do you have to say about this, I think your preoccupied about having the city pay for your legal fees for being a dumb-ass! Not with my money! The friends you keep… The Real Estate Impostor, the Chubby Manicurist, Cigar Boy, the Afflicted Fireman and let’s not forget Fat Uncle Art!. Find some new friends buddy…seriously

I hope they put the hand cuffs on Emerson and Kusumoto both very soon!

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