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Fellow citizens as you would expect were doing our due diligence…here is an update on our Mayor’s & Councilman’s accomplishments while they’ve been in office. First up…Mejia 1) The illegal use of private business parking, with posted signage. 2) Damage to taxpayer...

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Been following this local paper for years?

Posted by admin | Posted in City, Real Estate | Posted on 22-04-2014

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So sad to report that they have been using the “Fraudulent Fake Realtor” Dave Emerson as a writer! Ye!s publishing his stories…for those of you who have been reading this “paper” for years now I’m sure this will change your opinion on this publication now:(

Local Paper please do your research and provide the people with honest. law abiding contributors, keep your integrity intact because when this man gets himself  in heaps of trouble really soon it’s going to look really bad for you FYI.

Here’s a really hilarious article: http://newsenterprise.net/article/mayor-makes-warrior-dash-mud-run20140415




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Must have been some free food and free tickets! That little paper isn’t worth the trouble seriously.

That’s disgusting! What’s happened to our beloved city! It used to be comprised of well to do professional’s who carried themselves with dignity and cared about health and hygiene. It saddens me…truly hope a change of the guard occurs really soon. Let’s make it a “November to Remember”!.

Mejia’s demeanor is not of a mayor that she begged to run . We all saw her in the past acting like a child when she was not elected mayor and now she acts like a child again by wallowing in the mud. I don’t think this woman knows how a proper mayor is supposed to act, but doing this mud run just proves how far out Mejia is. I don’t think Mejia knows decorum and dignity that comes with being a mayor. I want to see the Council take the job away from her as she is making Los Al the laughing stock of every other city in Orange County! Her antics are just plain disgusting!

Oh Lord! I agree wholeheartedly, etiquette has always been a part of politics even at the local level, being a great leader not only means teamwork and dedication, it also means self-discipline and self-respect, I see non of this in her. Now all this hubbub about the other individuals in this blog kind of show me what kind of people are trying to run our great city. It’s really bad now, really, really bad. I’m embarrassed. Hope it all changes this year.

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Reminds me of that other Mayor, without the car accidents and “drunk in publics” but the lack of professionalism and class is equally disturbing.

LA Finest: Just to let you know that “other” mayor I think you are thinking of was also from Mejia’s group of friends.

And she will forever be known for her bouts with alcohol and infidelity… Los Al is this the best we have to offer? C’mon people!

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