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The Mejia’s are at it again, a new found low…

We hear in the community she has been asking around for a free seat to the Americana Awards, one of the oldest and finest fundraising events in the OC! …We just discovered that Mayor Mejia is trying to weasel a free seat to the prestigious Americana awards! The Mejia family has decided to taint...

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Been following this local paper for years?

Posted by admin | Posted in City, Real Estate | Posted on 22-04-2014

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So sad to report that they have been using the “Fraudulent Fake Realtor” Dave Emerson as a writer! Ye!s publishing his stories…for those of you who have been reading this “paper” for years now I’m sure this will change your opinion on this publication now:(

Local Paper please do your research and provide the people with honest. law abiding contributors, keep your integrity intact because when this man gets himself  in heaps of trouble really soon it’s going to look really bad for you FYI.

Here’s a really hilarious article: http://newsenterprise.net/article/mayor-makes-warrior-dash-mud-run20140415